True Allies Scrub

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True Allies Scrub

Post  Hinata4Ever on Tue Nov 30, 2010 10:03 pm

Ninjas: 30
3x Rock Lee EIG
3x Messenger Ninja
2x Gama
2x Konohamaru AY

2x Iruka Chibi
3x Naruto Clone

3x Sakura TA
3x KNS

3x Naruto TA
2x Jiraiya Childhood

2x 4th YD

2x Kakashi TA

Jutsu: 7
3x Rasengan WoF
2x Super Chakra Rasengan
2x Giant Rasengan

Mission: 12
2x Messenger Ninjas
2x Bonds of Friendship
2x The Great Naruto Bridge
3x Group Lesson
3x Tobi MoM

Client - 1
1x Susuki

Need some help to make it more consistent. I faired well so far against dogs and Earth BR, but have yet tested against a competitive no hand. Susuki over Haruna because of all the jutsu hate. And Naruto bridge vs comparative because of on element mission.

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